Design and execution services for natural gas for industrial users and householders. We offer safety, expertise and trust in the projects of gas installations: the establishment, replacement, expansion of the network of natural gas installations! We offer design services for facilities usage at homes, apartments etc.

Water plants: design and execution of water supply and sewerage water. Also, General MPM Impex provides services for the modernization and rehabilitation of water and sanitation installations, pipelining works and connection, separation technique from water networks, sewage, heating.

Design solutions and professional execution services in the field of thermal-sanitary installations include: infrastructure rehabilitation, repair, replacement and thermal installations-sanitary piping. Effective solutions for a secure installation! A heating system is a plant for the production of heat.

Interior and exterior plumbing design which brings economic and ecological solutions in the field of construction. General MPM Impex brings creativity in the field of sanitary installations.

Services of design and execution of technological installations: heating on gas, electric or wood, depending on the heating surface. Choose heating executed by General Impex, it’s specialized personnel in montages of facilities, to increase comfort and safety!

Design and execution of technological equipment: installations, pumps and water pumping stations for water supply and sanitation. Using pumps for water supply systems and sanitation lead to reduce energy consumption. Wastewater or storm can pump at  the sewage treatment plants, at the mouth of the emissary.

General Impex MPM provides services for civil and industrial constructions, buildings, constructions for sport, invelitori, roof framing and decking construction, metal building, carpentry and metal components.

Insulation works include works of protection and corrosion insulation, plastering, joinery and carpentry, painting and other finishing works.

Besides the services of design, execution and maintenance of gas installations, water and sewage installations, General MPM Impex provides services of road rehabilitation as a result of executing the installations. The service includes the rehabilitation ofpaved asphalt or cobblestone roads.

Gas adjustment stations help to measure natural gas distribution in the region.These stations are used for a safe control over flows of natural gas, allowing timely detection and measurement resolution of any irregularities occurred in the distribution network.

Construction Machines Backhoe - 4 pcs. Crane 12.5 tons - 2 pcs. Compressor - 11 pcs. Polyweld inverter, Aurora, Ritmo, Delta - 22 pcs. Butt welding machine - 12...
On December 31, 2011, SC General MPM Impex LLC had a number of 296 employees, with staff following structure:   EXPLANATION NR....
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General MPM Impex LLC is a promoter of sports activities supporting both Mazicon-EMMEDUE cycling team and Romanian Cycling Tour 2005.
"Professional success is on quality of work" Interview with Peter Ing Mr. Mazilu, general manager of General MPM Impex LLC